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Hi, my name is Julia Valdovinos and I live in California with my wonderful husband and our four beautiful children.  I am a stay at home mom.  I was introduced to this company and the products by my Mother in the late spring of 2012.  At the time, my 29-year-old husband was going to have back surgery and I was hoping for some pain relief in my back, knees, and feet. I was 7 months pregnant.  However, I knew it was safe for my baby, and we started on the products right away and waited to see what would happen.  My husband had back surgery in mid-October of that year and was told he would be off of work for 6-12 months, but because he was feeling so well he was able to return to work after a month and a half!  My husband also has asthma, but after being on these products he doesn’t have to take his inhaler as much as he used to.  I started noticing the pain relief in my back, knees, and feet.  I am able to clean my whole house, stand on my feet for long periods of time, and pick up my children without any pain or strain in my back.  I also have more stamina to help me get through my busy day raising four healthy children. 

We started our first two children on the Kids' product and they haven’t had to go to the doctor for any illnesses or prescription medication since.  Their colds last only a few of days!  When they go to their regular checkups, the doctor always tells me that they are very healthy children.  My last two, ages 6 and 4 are my healthiest.  I used these products as a prenatal with both.  I had a wonderful pregnancy, delivery and recovery with both!  I was also able to use these products while breastfeeding.  They are both very healthy and have only been to the Doctor for well visits. 

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My parents have had wonderful results as well.  My Father had bypass surgery in 2009.  He had high cholesterol and blood sugar for which he was taking prescription medications.  After his surgery he was trying to eat healthier and walk every day.  He was always very tired throughout the day and needed to take at least one nap in the afternoon.  Since taking the shakes, my Father's cholesterol and blood sugars are in the good range.  But more recently, we are happy to see that he is able to ride his bike over 4 miles, almost every day--something he hasn’t done since I was a young child!  My Mother started taking the products just to be healthier; she has never had any health issues.  To her surprise, she has had more stamina throughout the day and just feels good.  They both have reported that they no longer get those colds and flus that they use to, that their immune systems are in very good shape.
My sister found out that she had high cholesterol and her doctor told her she needed to get on prescription medications to help lower it.  She asked the doctor if she could try to get it down on her own, and the doctor gave her three months to try.  She called me and we ordered her some product and she started drinking the shakes every day.  A month and a half later she went back to the doctor, and to his surprise, my sister’s bad cholesterol had dropped 76 points and was out of the danger zone! She is no longer is at risk and no longer needs prescription drugs!  

We are all so happy with the results that we have gotten in just a short amount of time! We will be taking these products for the rest of our lives and will share with all who would like to learn about them. It is also wonderful that I am able to supplement my husband’s income by sharing this with others and in turn people are getting wonderful health results and helping to bring home an income as well.

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