Our hope was restored...

Skip and Fanny LeFever, Ohio

It all began with my [Fanny's] growing concern for Skip's health. He comes from a family of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and he was dealing with EVERY one of those health issues. While recovering from a quadruple bypass, Skip had numerous complications that put him back in the hospital repeatedly… and was in and out of a total of four different hospitals!  He even began having seizures, from being over-medicated. The doctors said there was nothing more they could do for him and sent him home. Skip sat hopelessly in a lazy-boy recliner from morning till night, totally lifeless and depressed. He required a walker or cane when attempting to walk around the house. And he required a wheelchair when we went out. He felt as though his life was over at the age of 63.

By February of the following year, nothing had changed. He was growing weaker with every passing day. I was losing hope that he would ever recover when a friend from Chicago told me about this nutritional product. She had used the these products for her family and saw tremendous improvements with numerous and varied health problems.

That sounded good to us. The product had a money-back guarantee so Skip and I decided that we had nothing to lose! We began taking the products.

I immediately felt improved energy and sinus relief. I'd had chronic sinus problems for 30 years and I noticed that I had regained my the sense of smell I had lost. Another problem I had been dealing with was shooting pains in my thyroid gland but they subsided and I've been able to manage my thyroid without medication.  Also, the frequent fever blisters I dealt with are no longer an issue. And best of all, my brain fog lifted—that was really wonderful!

Skip didn’t see the immediate results that I did. He only took the shakes out of love for me, balking every time he drank a shake. He complained that this “powder in a can”  would give him his life back.  It couldn’t possibly make a difference in restoring him to good health. Then his energy and stamina began to improve. Within two months, his blood pressure was so greatly improved that his doctor had to cut back on his blood pressure meds. Thanks be to God!

After only four months of this nutrition, he actually returned to work. Imagine his excitement after 1 ½ years of being home bound with severe health issues. Even more exciting for me... I had my husband back!

The biggest surprise came shortly thereafter when an angiogram at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center showed that he didn’t require another scheduled stent to be inserted in his completely blocked vertebral artery. He had formed a healthy new collateral artery that was now feeding the brain. The renowned surgeon who performed the procedure had never seen anything like this before! We were so grateful for the many blessings of restored good health!

Lefever Family

Lefever Family

Today Skip drinks his shakes faithfully and without a reminder from his concerned wife! He is now a strong advocate of these products. He works a 30 hour week and loves what he's doing. His cholesterol level and blood sugar levels have improved. His energy level and mental acuity are tremendously improved. He has gone from taking 12 medications a day to 4 medications and his doctor is now helping him wean off some of those. Another amazing development has been in Skip’s blood pressure. After taking blood pressure meds for 26 years, his blood pressure is now normal and his doctor has taken him off those meds completely. He feels and acts 20 years younger. 

More recently Skip was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He breezed through 5 weeks of radiation without missing a day of work.  Surprisingly, he never experienced any nausea or fatigue. 

We have family members who have also achieved a new level of health and wellness.  Grand-babies with acid re-flux had great results and avoided medication.  My 93 year old mother who lived with us, had poor circulation in her legs and feet, causing very painful bleeding, open sores on the tips of her toes.  The vascular surgeon said there was nothing he could do, short of amputation.  But we were able to successfully clear up the issue without any further procedures. All these results have restored hope to our lives.  

Ours is just one of many stories of people whose lives have been changed. We have found products that have helped us achieve optimal health. Our lives have been transformed and we will forever be grateful for the blessings of this great nutrition.

Fanny Lefever


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