Mary and Family, Illinois

Mary and Family, Illinois

Mary Peters, R. N.

I Replaced My Nursing Income in One Year

Our family has been on the company's products for 20 years.  We got started because I had severe migraines and back pain, and had five children on allergy and asthma meds. There were also three family members with digestive problems.   I put everyone on these products and within a 3-month period I started to see an improvement in all of those issues. 

My migraines were resolved,  I stopped seeing a chiropractor for my back pain, I was able to get the kids off the allergy and asthma meds, and the digestive symptoms were no longer a problem.  I also used the products during my eighth and ninth pregnancies as my prenatal.  I had quick recoveries and much more energy after those two pregnancies compared to using the prenatal vitamins I had used during the pregnancies of my previous children.
Moreover, these products helped to curb my appetite and I was able to lose 30 pounds! 

Our family uses these products now as a way to focus on wellness and prevention. Our children are young adults now , still using the products and our grandchildren use the children's nutrition. Its wonderful to have optimal nutrition my entire family can benefit from.  

 I joined the company because I was  working as a registered nurse and wanted to add to our family income.  Within one  year, I had matched my nursing income.  I decided to leave my job as a nurse at that point.  I loved the idea of working from home, setting my own schedule and not having a boss. 

Its  now been over 20 years of working from  home. With this income, I am now putting my younger two daughters thru college.  This has relieved a lot of the financial stress that has pressured our family.  This business has provided an income without sacrificing family time. I am committed to helping families begin to enjoy better health or help with  finances.  

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